Item # Product Price
MFS-BLK Matala Full Sheet (Black) $68.00
MFS-GRN Matala Full Sheet (Green) $73.00
MFS-BLU Matala Full Sheet (Blue) $76.00
MFS-GR Matala Full Sheet (Gray) $86.00

 Note:  The Half Sheets are approximately 24" x 39" in size.  Full sheets would be 48" x 39".
Item # Product Price
MHS-BLK Matala Half Sheet (Black) $39.00
MHS-GRN Matala Half Sheet (Green) $41.00
MHS-BLU Matala Half Sheet (Blue) $45.00
MHS-GR Matala Half Sheet (Gray) $48.00

Matala Rounds are available in 17" (Green and Gray only) 22", 24", 27", 30", 32", 33", 37", 42", 48".  These we can get for you with about 5-7 day lead time.  Call for pricing

Item # Product Price
R22-BLK Matala 22" Round (Black) $64.00
R22-GRN Matala 22" Round (Green) $69.00
R22-BLU Matala 22" Round (Blue) $71.00
R22-GR Matala 22" Round (Gray) $81.00



Yes you might say we have a bit of a Matala fetish!  When you find something that works why change it?  We have tried many other types of filter media, but have come to really rely heavily on the progressive filtration of Matala.  Rolls or sheets this stuff works.

The concept is simple really.  The filter starts in the inlet with the largest pores(Black rolls or sheets).  Then goes to finer pores (Green, Blue then finally Gray).  The largest particles get trapped in the Black or Green filters while the Blue and Grey work as Biological and Mechanical filtration.  Feel free to stop by and ask for a demo.  We use it.

Tip:  The 22" Matala Roll works great in a 55 gallon barrel filter drum!!!

The thing I really like about this over some of the other mat filter media is this lasts a very long time.  I know people who have used it over 10 years and are still using the same media.  So a one time investment goes a long way.  I like that.  The less money spent on toys means more money for koi shopping.  Try that with other types of mat filter media. 

This is very easy to pull out and rinse off with a garden hose (only the black or Green.  You don't want to kill the Biological in the Blue or Gray).  Put it back in rock and roll!